Mobile Signal Booster in Delhi Noida Gurgaon

Due to Delhi being the capital of India, a large amount of population resides here. Delhi has also become very large in the NCR region. Due to the high population here, congestion is increasing day by day in every area. People are facing a new problem in India. The problem is weak mobile network due to weak mobile network peoples of Delhi are very disturbed Neither are they able to talk to each other sitting inside their house on mobile phone nor are they able to browse internet on their mobile phone while sitting inside their house, due to which peoples of Delhi have been complaining to mobile operators many times But due to their no hearing, they are now searching for a solution to the problem of weak mobile networks on the Internet.

In today's modern life, cell phones have become a very mandatory requirement for people because cell phones are a state-of-the-art technology that has proved to be very useful for connecting people with each other. Therefore, nowadays people cannot live without a mobile phone as they get news online and mobile news across the globe.

We have been working to set up mobile signal boosters in Delhi for almost 10 years, we have installed almost millions of boosters all over Delhi, and we have installed our signal boosters in every area ofDelhi. We want to tell that there is a problem of weak singles all over Delhi, there is no such area in Delhi where there is no problem of weak singles, so we have About 50 calls a day come to set up mobile signal boosters.

We arrive in every area of Delhi NCR and check the customer with a mobile signal booster, if the customer is 100% satisfied then only we install the signal booster at the customer's home with 1 year warranty. We promise to provide service. Our signal booster device keeps working for the whole life. We provide mobile signal booster installation service in all area of Delhi NCR Like: Noida, Gurgaon, Sonipat ,Panipat, Ghaziabad, Fridabad. All our customers have been completely satisfied with us.

We have all types of mobile signal boosters available which support all operators, make network plans of all network generation 2G 3G 4G Airtel Vodafone Idea Jio We provide free install service in Delhi NCR to install outside Delhi You will have to pay a charge.

Does mobile signal booster work properly?

Yes, absolutely mobile signal booster works perfectly. If mobile signal booster is installed correctly then you provide full network in coverage area. If the installation process is not correct then it works perfectly in coverage area. Cannot, therefore you need to keep in mind that mobile signal booster must be installed correctly.

When install signal boosters, you need to keep in mind that the external antenna which is installed in the upper part of a house is very good where the signal strength is very good if the external antenna will get strong signal only then it can provide strong signal inside the house. So the external antenna should be tied on the roof of the house with a pipe so that it receives the signal from all around area.

After installing the external antenna, the second part of the signal amplifier is the internal antenna. The internal antenna should be installed indoors where the signal can move around the house without interruption because the internal antenna has its own capacity. 1000 square feet can provide a signal around it, so by installing the internal antenna in the center of the house Don't want.

If you buy a signal amplifier for your home or office, then you will have to carry out the installation process correctly only then you will get the full benefit of single amplifier.

Does Airtel provide mobile signal booster installation service?

Yes of course Airtel works to set up its mobile signal booster to increase weak singles in large commercial spaces in which only Airtel's signals are provided. Airtel does not install its own signal booster in small offices or home so if you need to install a signal booster in your home or office, then you need to buy from the service provider available in the market. Can be installed at home, in the signal amplifier available in the market, the signals of all operators can be found simultaneously, all of networks can be found in the Airtel Idea Vodafone Jio 2G 3G 4G 5G simultaneously.

What is the price of a mobile signal booster?

There are different types of mobile signal booster available in the market. The price may be lower and even higher depending on your needs. We have many types of signal boosters available. Single band, dual band and tri band, single band at very low rate which is used for small house or shop. Dual band at medium rate is used for small house or office. There are also two types of dual band. One is 2G 3G in which all 3G networks and all are available 2G network and second is 3G plus 4G which are available to all 3G network and Airtel, Voda 4G network.

We have tri band mobile signal booster available which has two types of models. One is tri band 2G 3G 4G in which all 2G 3G 4G networks are available and it does not have Jio network. The other is tri band in which all 3G 4G as well Jio is also available.

We install single Band Mobile Signal Booster very rarely in the market as it is not a complete success and it costs Rs 8000. Dual Band Mobile Signal Boosters offer 12000 with 1 year warranty with free installation. And our Tri Band Mobile Signal Booster offer Rs 16000 with 1 year warranty along with free installation process.

But it is possible to move news and online videos smoothly on mobile when the mobile network is good because nowadays it is seen in many places that bad network and call drop have become a very serious problem. Everyone is struggling with this problem. Due to the weakness of the mobile network, there is always a voice break and the internet becomes very sluggish.

Cell phone networks booster are a signal receiver device, which strengthens existing weak signals in one place to other place by using smart phone network boosters, you can always ensure reliable and uninterrupted connection.

Big Price Drop on Tri Band Mobile Signal Repeater

Right now we have made a new popular Tri Band mobile signal booster available in the market with very little value, in which you will be able to get all the band 2G 3G 4G to date.

Feel free to buy this device and use it in your home or office. Our customer service support will help you with any kind of technical information.

Tri Band is a very powerful signal amplifier, which can be used either at home or in office. It can provide coverage in 3000 square feet area. Mainly start was made available in the market for 25,000. But, we are now working to establish it by reducing its rate to 16,000 by checking at the customer's home.

This is our new price without GST fixed. If you need GST invoice then you will have to pay 18 percent more. And in the whole market, the more popular Tri-band signal amplifier kit can not be found anywhere, so if you are planning to install this popular device in your house then it is a very good time for you.

Why Choose Us?

If you want to improve mobile network with 100% guarantee in your home or office, then you need to install a mobile signal booster in your home or office. Many companies are present to set up mobile signal boosters in all cities of India. But our company has been working to establish a mobile signal booster for the last 10 years. We install Signal Booster only after the client is satisfied with 100% guarantee and also provide 1 year free service. Thousands of people are satisfied with our service.

mobile signal booster installation delhi

1. Professional technicians

Our company has a trusted team of professional technicians who are capable of setting up any type of mobile repeater. They are trained to install signal boosters so that there is no need to face any kind of installation of any type of repeater anywhere. If you are planning to set up a signal booster then you can call our technicians and advise them and after full reliance, order us to set up a signal booster.

2. High Quality Mobile Signal Booster

We provide quality mobile signal boosters to our customers. We have a variety of signal boosters available for different bands. So you can choose any device which you need. Our technicians will arrive at your home or office to set the appropriate products in your home free of cost.

3. Quick Services

The main reason is our company always provides fast service to the customers so we all set up signal boosters by reaching customers at their house. Many people are 100% satisfied with our quality product or service because we provide quick service to all our customers. I've done it. We are always ready as soon as our customer receives an order, we reach them within a few hours, So whenever you have to install a signal booster in your office or home, you will not be waiting for a lot of time. Our fast service is very useful for you.

mobile signal booster installation delhi

4. Very Affordable Service

We offer various types of signal booster from time to time to our customers. Our customers greatly appreciate the free service and give information to our friends about our service, which we call to install a signal booster and we provide them a very cheap installation service. There is no need to spend more money. We also offer an additional 20% discount for our old loyal customers. For any type of information about our available product and discount, you can contact our technician where you can choose to set up a good quality signal booster at reasonable prices as you need it.

5. Very old and Stable Company

Being a very old company, our old customers rely heavily on our product or service and they always call us if they need our product. You can contact our old customers and get information about our service. So many people choose to set up a signal booster to our esteemed company.

For all these reasons, people choose to set up a signal booster to their favorite vintage company and we provide them with 1 year guarantee with full confidence. The services of our company have been shown online. You can call the given phone number to get more information. If you are unhappy with our service, you will be refunded within 1 month.

Is There no Network Coverage inside Your Home or Office?

If yes, then call + 91-9355374306 and get the Solution. We have 3G 4G Mobile Signal Booster available. In which you will be able to find all the mobile networks, such as: Airtel Vodafone Idea Jio MTNL BSNL etc. Please do not delay it, install it immediately at your home or office. Mobile Signal Booster Installation Service is available in the whole Delhi Noida Gurgaon Faridabad Ghaziabad.

We have a wireless Mobile Network Amplifier device, which does not require any type of wire. This is a very powerful device, which has the ability to repeat all GSM networks simultaneously. This plug and play type device also has the cheapest price.

We are the first Mobile Signal Booster installation service provider for all types of mobile networks like: Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, Aircel, Reliance, BSNL, MTNL. We have installed almost thousands of mobile signal boosters, with full consumer satisfaction in the entire Delhi NCR like: Rohini, Bawana, Narela, Kundli, Agra, Mathura, Aligarh, Bulandshahr, Meerut, Moradabad, Bhiwadi, Rewari, Alwar, Bhiwani, Hisar, Rothak, Bahadurgarh, Sonipat, Jhajjar, Panipat, Karnal, Jind, Kaithal, Kurukshetra, Ambala, Chandigarh.

A Mobile Signal Repeater is a device that is designed to get the signal from outdoor and throw it inside the house. It is a universal model that is compatible to any operator receiving and throwing all kinds of 2G 3G 4G network. It is capable of boosting all types of mobile networks in different rooms and floors.

What is a Mobile Signal Booster?

Mobile Signal Boosters or amplifiers can be used at those locations, where the vulnerable phone reception is causing problems of disturbance, such as call drop and poor sound quality. There may be several reasons behind the weakening of the signal, such as the surrounding trees, hills, building materials etc. Whatever may be the reason, a signal booster can help and boost the cell phone signals to facilitate the talking way of speaking, the Cell Phone Signal Booster can help and boost the signal. Mobile signal, basically, is the signal strength sent by a cellular network to a mobile phone. It is calculated in DBM.

When using a signal amplifier, the cell phone signals are first captured by the external antenna and then amplified by the cellular repeater. Afterwards, the amplified signals are broadcasted across the desired area with the help of the internal antenna. The boosted signals reflect in the increased signal bars on the phones inside the building or vehicle. It allows you to have clearer calls and swifter internet browsing. This way, a signal booster can provide you with a brilliant mobile experience even at the remotest of places. Besides boosting signals, these devices enhance your battery performance as well. It offers up to 3 hours of extra talk time.

How a Cell Phone Reception Booster Works?

As the name suggests, a cell phone reception booster enhances voice and data signals in a special building house, so that people can enjoy better call connectivity and sound data reception on 3G4G mode. Whatever the size of the place or the number of mobile devices can be used, you can easily find a suitable signal booster system for your needs.

Generally, phone reception boosters comprise of 3 components, and of course, a coax cable. Let’s understand these components one by one to understand how these devices work.

External Antenna – This antenna is to be mounted outside the building or vehicle on the top, typically on the roof. It receives signals from the cellular tower and is able to detect up to 30 times weaker signals than the weakest signals most mobile devices can detect.

Cellular Repeater – This part of the system amplifies the phone signals before sending them to the internal environment.

Internal Antenna – This antenna is positioned somewhere inside the building or the vehicle. It interacts with your mobile devices and provides them the amplified signals to let you have a wonderful calling and browsing experience.

How Mobile Signal Booster Works?

Reasons Why Your Signal is Weak?

As discussed earlier, there may be a number of reasons behind weak mobile signals. Let’s have a look:-

Distance from the Cellular Tower – You are away from the cellular tower, then your mobile phone signals will be weaker. It causes a lot of trouble to use a phone in an area where there is no cell phone tower nearby. Call drops and poor voice quality are usual issues in such areas.

cellular signal strenth

Most Cellular Towers – When a cell tower supplies signals for many devices, you should have a strong signal, which is clearly enough to maintain good signal strength for voice quality and data speed.

External Hindrances – Cellular signals are radio wave, which have to reach long distances to reach mobile phones. Things such as trees, tall buildings and hills obstruct the signal. Due to the strength of the signals becomes weak which received by your phone.

Building Material – Generally, mobile phones are used indoors of home, but sometimes the materials used in the building can make it a little less convenient. Materials such as metal and glass can be interrupted signals as well as thick walls can also be behind bad signals.

how to abstract Construction Materials of cellular signal

How Cell Phone Signal Booster Can Help You?

You must know that as soon as we move away from the cell phone tower our mobile signal strength becomes weak, mostly in areas where the signal is not accessible at all, signal strength is very weak, then the cell phone signal booster receive signal strength present near the cell phone tower and broadcast wherever you need to strengthen signal strength. As shown in the graph above. Signal Strength –50DBM near the cell phone tower. The signal strength becomes weaker as far as the cell tower goes. If your mobile has a signal strength -110DBM then no signal will be shown. Therefore, you need to signal up to -50DBM to -80DBM which provides signal booster for you.

How Much Does Signal Booster Cost?

The cost of a mobile signal booster varies depending on the need. You will have to decide that you need home purpose and how big is your home area, how much does signal is weak? If you want a mini booster for a small space, then it costs 10,000, 13,000 for mediocre size, and 25,000 in triple for big size.

Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us for resolving a weak mobile network problem because we have a great place to select all kinds of cell phone signal booster products. If you want help finding the best signal amplifier for your needs, then the workers are ready to help.

Types of Cell Phone Signal Boosters

3G Mobile Signal Booster

3G Mobile Signal Booster

This is mini single band 3G Mobile Signal Booster, which mainly includes a frequency of 2100MHz in which only 3G networks can be available to you

It has the ability to cover 1000 square feet, which is useful for a small house or shop. Because of this it is very cheap due to being single band, which can be used for any small house or shop.

If you want to be installed immediately at your house, please call us, we will reach at your home and install within 20 minutes.

Tri Band Mobile Signal Booster

2G 3G 4G Tri Band Mobile Signal Booster

This Mobile Signal Booster known as tri band. This includes mainly three frequencies 900-1800-2100MHZ. In which you can get 2G 3G 4G all networks.

There is a capacity to cover up to 3000 square feet which can be used in any major office apartment private house basement.

Due to availability of three frequencies (900-1800-2100MHZ), it is considered to be a very good model for mobile users in all cities of India.

After order. We will install the system in about 20 minutes by checking the signal booster by reaching your house with the complete kit.

4G Mobile Signal Booster

4G Mobile Signal Booster

All the mobile operators all over India offer 4G network at different MHz. Most Indian networks work on Indian 4G network 18 MHz

We are providing 4G signal boosters to you to solve the problem of weak 4G mobile network, which reliably increases the 4G connection. This model works on all 4G frequencies, so that customers anywhere in the country can use it for their needs.

If you need to improve both the 4G signal and the voice call, then look at our Triple Band Amplifier Kit. This repeater helps in repeating all GSM 900 1800 2100 MHz frequencies simultaneously.

2G 3G Mobile Network Booster

2G 3G Mobile Network Booster

Our Latest Product

3G mobile signal booster in delhi

900-2100 MHZ 3G/GSM Repeater

3G/GSM repeater has dual band frequancy (900-2100) Where you can get all 3G network and airtel Vodafone 2G.

2G 4G mobile signal booster in delhi

900-1800 MHZ GSM DCS Repeater

GSM DCS works on 900-1800 frequincy where you can get all 2G (Airtel, voda, Idea, Relince, Aircel) and Airtel Vodafone 4G.

mini 3G network booster

WCDMA 2100 Mini Repeater

WCDMA mini 3g singal band repeater work on only 2100 MHZ and gives all 3g poor network solutions

mobile signal booster repair service in delhi

In Side of Signla Repeater

We provide one year gurranty and get done sharout any type of issue if you face after installation.

pach panel 2G 3G 4G antenna for all network in delhi noida gurgaon

Pach Panel Antenna

Panch panel antenna work on 800 to 2500 MHZ all freq band in india.

LMR-300 coaxial white cable

LMR-300 coaxial white cable

LMR-300 coaxial white cable.

4G network booster for airtel vodafone

4G network booster

4G network antenna

signal booster installation service in delhi

signal booster installation

indoor signal antenna repair service

indoor signal antenna

4g airtel vodafone antenna

indoor siling antenna

indoor siling antenna

4G mobile signal booster in delhi

4G Signal Amplifier

4g airtel mobile network solution in delhi noida gurgaon

4G Airtel mobile network solution and complaint no in Delhi

How to Install mobile signal booster or Repeater

installation mobile signal amplifier repeater delhi noida gurgaon faridabad

Installation of signal amplifier

search network strenght 3G 4G

Check Network Strenght at Outdoor

install yagi antenna outdoor top of floor

Yagi Antenna

install yagi antenna outdoor top of floor where network is good

connect 15 mtr cable with connector

Connect 15 MTR Cable With Connecter

cannect cable with outdoor antenna

cannect cable with outdoor antenna

connect cable with amplifier BTS side

Connect cable with amplifier from BTS side

connect inidoor antenna with repeater mobile side

connect inidoor antenna with repeater from mobile side

plug in adopter

Plug in Adopter

install airtel vodafone mobile signal booster noida gurgaon faridabad

Done !

Now network booster has been installed.

Jio 4G Mobile Signal Booster

Today we are launching a mobile network booster for Jio, which will help to get rid of the problem of weaker mobile network.

Have you ever thought technology will change so and your problems will be resolved in a few minutes. As we are seeing the competition in the mobile market has increased, due to which the customer is getting both voice calling and data at cheap rate and Jio is playing a very important role in connecting with each other.

Jio does not provide any kind of service on the basis of 2G and 3G networks, but it offers its mobile services on Bolt 4G, despite that Geo is the only mobile communication service provider in India, which is the only 4G technology Took the risk of focusing and without any message it did a great job for its customers.

After the coming Jio, mobile broadband services have changed completely across India, because Jio is a network that is providing both its voice calling and data in 4G, as well as favorable prices and innovative services to customers in the Jio Network Because of many customers are changing their sim, getting attracted to Jio, by providing high quality free voice call services. Broader mobile opportunities are being provided to live customers with affordable integrated mobile apps and superb support services.

Jio's mission is to promote it 2G to 4G in which he is slowly advancing towards the goal of proving the efficiency of his thinking but it is not limited to the fact that in the future, virtual reality and state-of-the-art 5G and 6G network is also ready to provide innovative solutions.

At the same time, due to the weakness of the Jio Mobile Network, people have problems, but there is no need to worry. We have a mobile signal booster for Jio, which you can easily install in your home or office and this will improve the quality of reception by strengthening your weak network.

2G 3G 4G Tri Band Mobile Signal Repeater

jio 4g network coverage

jio 4g network

Recently, Jio has launched 4G service across India. In addition, I also want to provide 4G mobile signal booster for Jio 4G Network because people are having difficulty in calling due to the weak mobile network.

2G 3G 4G Tri Band Mobile Signal Booster

2G 3G 4G Tri Band

2G 3G 4G Tri Band for all mobile network Airtel Idea Vodafone Jio

Mobile Signal Booster Installation Service

Signal Repeater Installation Scheme

Mobile signal booster installation is very easy as you are being shown in the photo.

4G Mobile Signal Booster

4G Booster

4G amplifier for all Network

Lintratek 4G Mobile Network Booster

4G Signal Amplifier


lowest price single band signal boosters

Singel Band

lmr 300 400 white coaxial cable
pach panel mobile signal antenna
3 way spleaters

See More Products

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What Customers Say

  • Dear sir, This refers to the discussion the undersigned had with you a shortwhile ago regarding the network problem we are facing in our mobile network. You are requested to depute your representative for a sight inspection so that we can go for buying a Mobile booster from you.

    You are also requested to kindly send you the details of the Mobile Booster as well as the payment terms for getting approval from our Head Office.

    An immediate action in this regard would highly appreciated.

    Thanking you

    Sector 44, Gurugram, Haryana 122 002, INDIA

    Bhupendra Dixit
  • I am looking for 4G Anteena with signal booster for my home . to use with 4G Router huawei b593. We have very poor signals or you can say no signals . We want to use 4G data connection of GIO 4G.

    if you have any good solution please let me know


    Please describe product with price.

    Gurbatullah Khan
  • We are sending this E-mail on the behalf of Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF), is a Non-profit Organization registered at Delhi under the Indian Societies Registration Act, 1860. We are looking for mobile booster facility for our basement office. Please provide the quotation for the same. Kalu Sarai, New Delhi - 110016

    Gajender Kumar
  • We would like to inform you that we are having our office at A-block, Ground Floor, Defence Colony, New Delhi- 110024. The area is around 180-200 square yards with wall partitions.

    Network connectivity is good outside the office with no call drop, however network connectivity is very poor within the office. Most of the times there is no connectivity. Even in case of connectivity, there are a lot of call drops.

    We all use GSM networks (Airtel and Vodafone). You are kindly requested to send your product details, charges, warranty etc.

    Rohit Agarwal
  • I am looking for a solution for one of my customer for mobile Singal Booster. Please call me to discuss the requirement.

    K Sriidhar
  • We want to install mobile signal booster in our 500 sq. ft. basement in Gautamnagar, New Delhi for GSM mobile connection as connectivity there is very poor. Pl. contact & advise. Chhatarpur Extn., N. Delhi - 110074

  • I have a query,

    In my hometown in south canara district, in my village, in my home, we have Airtel signal. It works perfectly fine for phone calls inside home also.

    But 3G works well outside house, but it won’t work inside house. – Only 3G will not work inside house, but the phone call works perfectly fine.

    We need to use internet in mobile -3G for our personal usage.

    For this purpose can you please recommend some signal enhancer or repeater which I can buy and install in my home?

    Please suggest the correct antenna/signal booster for 3G to work inside house for Airtel signal.

    This is only for personal use and only to our house. No other users around. Our house is isolated in village and no surrounding houses.

    Also please let me know the price of the same.

    Bharathesha K